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Talking Matters Counselling

Be Heard .......Be Understood....... Be Healed

Achieve your goals

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The Bravest First Step

The Journey towards healing starts here...


You have already made one of the bravest steps..... by taking this first move to look into counselling, what it is and what it can do for you.

It might seem scary right now, but it is the first positive step you can take to begin dealing with whatever has brought you to this point, and will take you on and enable you to reach for the goals you set yourself.


‘Emotional wellbeing is just as important as breathing’        



The Storms of Life

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Daily life can at times be a raging storm, or a never ending uphill struggle, managing the challenges of relationships, memories, addictions, past or present trauma, physical or mental health or abuse, anxiety, stress or loneliness. It can be completely overwhelming,  but you are not alone, the help you need is available. The greatest challenge is taking the first step to reach out.

We all need to be able to share and unburden the challenges we are dealing with at various times in our lives, the issues that cause us pain, worry, shame, grief and anxiety, and everyone needs and deserves the opportunity to access the appropriate support in order to live a

self-controlled, fulfilled life.

It is as important to look after our mental health as it is our physical health, as research shows the effect our physical health has on our mental health, and the opposite too that our mental health has an effect on our physical health.

‘Counsellors may have different goals with different clients. They may assist clients, for instance, to heal past emotional deprivations, manage current problems, handle transitions, make decisions, manage crises and develop specific lifestyles.’  

Richard Nelson-Jones, 2005

How Can Counselling Help?
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Counselling is a talking therapy which involves me as a trained therapist listening to you and supporting you through various therapeutic methods, appropriate to your needs and circumstances, in order to help you find ways in which to deal with your emotional issues.

Counselling provides a safe space where you will be supported, find empathy and be unconditionally heard.

‘The principle aim of psychotherapy is not to transport one to an impossible state of happiness, but to help (the client) acquire steadfastness and patience in the face of suffering

Carl Jung

How Can I Help?
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I am based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and counsel clients Face to Face, via Zoom, Teams or phone, so thanks to the versatility of technology, this enables clients to fit counselling into their busy schedule and lifestyle, whether fitting it in during work times, or remaining in the security and comfort of your own home. This also means counselling can be accessed both nationally and internationally.

As a trained Integrative Counsellor, I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists), Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) and abide by their ethical frameworks.

I am fully insured, DBS checked and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and am able to provide a safe, non-judgemental, unbiased, compassionate, sympathetic space for you to be able to share and deal with the issues you are struggling with.

Being an Integrative Counsellor, means I am able to use the various models of therapy available, which enables me to provide you with the bespoke support you need and rightly deserve.

I work with children, young people and  adults over the age of 18 and can support the following areas of counselling:-

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Bereavement, grief or loss

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

  • Trauma

  • Guilt or shame

  • Domestic violence

  • Physical, mental or sexual abuse

  • Relationship issues

  • Addictions

  • ADHD and learning difficulties

Sadly I cannot change the past, or erase the memories that you have made, but we can and will work together in order to build a tool box of tools, that will help and support you through difficult times, both now and in the future, which will enable you to take control of your emotions, instead of them controlling you.


I am a deeply caring ‘people person’, and could not be a counsellor if this was not the case, so my support, empathy and commitment to you will be my priority. But..... it is a partnership, a mutual relationship, where we will work together to achieve your end goal.

My inner drive and heart is to ultimately help people, with a firm belief that finance should not be a barrier to people accessing the help they need and deserve.

‘Understanding why people suffer, how they change, and how to help them live more satisfying and gratifying lives is a fascinating, huge and important undertaking.’                               

 John Simmers-Flanagan and Rita Sommers-Flanagan, 2015   

Our Counselling Journey
Our Counselling Journey
Online counselling

You are, and will be during our journey together, my priority.

Your initial Consultation is free, and in it we will complete an assessment, where together we will discuss your situation and needs, and decide if I am the right person to support you, ensuring I have the appropriate skills and experience to journey with you through the counselling process. If I feel I am not the right person to support you, I will help to signpost you to the most appropriate person or organisation, so that you will always receive the best possible help.  


My focus is always on your wellbeing, to help you onto a positive journey towards healing.

If we agree to work together we will go through the normal client/ therapist contract and agree a day, time, fee and the conditions of the contract.

The emphasis is always that the time we spend together is dedicated as YOUR time, YOUR personal space, to share whatever you want, in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment.

‘We know from experience and the growing body of supportive literature, that the therapeutic relationship a counsellor forms with each client can be the most powerful tool for helping clients to change.’     

 Jeff Cochran and Nancy Cochran, 2015

Counselling Sessions and Cost

Counselling Sessions and Cost

I am able to offer a variety of modes of counselling sessions, including Face to Face, On line via Zoom or Teams, by telephone or Eco-therapy, where we meet, walk and talk in a safe open space, enjoying nature, fresh air and a little gentle exercise. I hope that whatever your lifestyle, commitments and responsibilities one of these styles will suit you.

Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes, and are usually on a weekly basis, but the frequency, day and time of appointments, and the number of sessions, will all be discussed and decided between us, as we go through the contract, which can also be re-evaluated whenever the need arises, in order to maintain what is best for you.

The initial consultation is free, and thereafter my counselling fee is £40 per therapeutic hour (50 minutes) for individuals and £60 for a couple, payable by either cash, cheque or Bank transfer either on the day or within 24 hours of the session.

Helping people to get the right help at the right time is so important to me, and because I feel so strongly that finance should not be a barrier to people getting help as and when they need it, I am able to offer some concessions to those who may not be able to afford the normal fee, including students. Please feel free to speak to me about finances.

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.’

Hubert Humphrey

Client Feedback
Image by Christin Hume

'I first contacted Carol a year ago when life was feeling overwhelming. I had suddenly lost my mum two years previous and I was struggling to manage my grief and as a result it was beginning to really impact all areas of my life.

As soon as I spoke to Carol on the initial phone call I felt at ease and hopeful that things would get better over time and that I wasn’t a lost cause. 

The sessions were very relaxed and every time I came away feeling a little bit more ‘put back together’ than I was before I went. 

I spent around 6 months meeting with Carol and throughout that time always felt ‘heard’ and it became a really invaluable time. I have recommended her to quite a few of my friends.

I definitely won’t hesitate to get booked in again should I ever feel the need to.' 


'Carol is amazing, extremely understanding, patient, friendly and approachable. She has made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She is kind, generous and very easy to talk to. Her heartfelt and positive words are a great comfort, it is the most comfortable I ever been with anyone. She is compassionate, down to earth and non-judgemental. She is making a difference to my life. I would highly recommend her services.'




Carol Andrews DipHE MBACP MACC

Tel:          07759 925292



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